Do Your Knees Ache?

You’ve just enjoyed a great ride! The mountains were beautiful, your horse feb10was sure-footed, you feel a peace throughout your whole body. As you near the barn and your mind comes back to the next task at hand, you dread getting off of your horse.


You know that when you drop to the ground, the ache that has been building in your knees is going to come to a crippling head when your feet hit the ground.

Your Knee Pain
The most likely reason that your knees ache is that you are putting too much weight forward and down into your stirrups. This “stiff” position doesn’t allow you to absorb your horses movements and causes unnatural soreness in your joints.

Maybe you think, well, I can handle the pain, to me this is how I’m comfortable riding.

Horse Pains
So, let’s talk about what this can do to your horse as well.

This type of stiff leg positioning may push your saddle out of place and cause your horse to experience pain in her shoulders and withers. Mmmm…

The Fix
Sit deep in your saddle with your pelvis relaxed enough to absorb the movement of your horse and your seat bones balanced over your horse’s spine. This position may take some getting used to because this means your legs will feel free and may even swing slightly. It’s okay! With your relaxed riding position and concentration on being one with your horse, you’ll have a more balanced seat and no more achy knees.

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