Don’t Forget to Check the Trailer!

While some of you have been riding through the cold weather, others of you are just now thinking about venturingtrailer out. As much as your horse needs some preconditioning before hitting the trails hard, your trailer needs some quick conditioning.

Take a good look at your trailer both inside and out. While resting over the winter, rust may have developed as well as weak spots or burned out bulbs. Spend the time to hook up your trailer to your truck and ensure that all of the connections are working and that the lights function. And, you can make this inspection go a lot faster if you get a good friend to check your lights while you’re in the cab.

Another item to look into is your tire pressure and if you have a larger rig, it may be worth the investment to have your local repair shop to take a closer, official look. You just may save yourself some headaches in the upcoming season.

Be one with your horse!

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