Checking Your Horse Blankets

I know, for most of you, it’s still hot out there. So, why are we talking about 993blankets?

Because, as you know, fall will be here before you know it and ensuring that your horse blankets are in good condition before you need them will give you peace of mind.

Horse Winter Blanket Review:

  1. Hardware – Buckles could be rusted, broken, or missing.
  2. Straps – Could be tangled, weakened, broken.
  3. Blanket – Sometimes, after getting your blanket out of storage, you may find that you have pests that you weren’t aware of…check for holes, tears or general loss of thickness.

If your horses are outside a lot it may be helpful to have two horse blankets. We often have freezing rain and wet snow that seems to saturate most blankets after a time. An extra horse blanket means we can switch and allow one to dry.

If your blanket is loosing its waterproof abilities try a spray on water-proofer.

The best way to keep a horse warm during cold weather is not to necessarily buy the best blanket, but to buy the best quality hay. Some horses may benefit from the addition of a concentrate feed, but the process of digesting hay gives off a lot of heat–keeping your horse warm.

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