Why Put a Blanket on a Horse Anyway?

Depending on who you talk to, there can be some strong opinions on whether981 a horse should wear a blanket or not.

With the fall season approaching, we thought we would ask our local expert, the Wisdom Pony, to share why she thinks that blanketing a horse is beneficial to your horse (and your pocket).

Here’s the Wisdom Pony with more information:

1.  By providing extra insulation, you will help to keep weight on your horse during cold months. A cold horse uses energy to keep warm, so blanket up and feed less! (See, there’s that pocket savings I was referring to…)

2.  A blanket means that you will spend less time cleaning and grooming to keep your horse clean. In fact, you can add a blanket with a neck design for maximum coverage.

3. A good quality turnout blanket will provide extra protection if your horse should get kicked, bitten or have an argument with a tree or a fence post! (As a human, I’m sure it’s unimaginable to you what those trees and fence posts can possibly say to get us so upset, but trust me, it’s NEVER our fault!)

Thank you, Winged Pony of Wisdom!


At Action Rider Tack, we get asked a lot of questions. Sometimes the questions get asked on the phone, other times, it’s when we’re at shows or simply in our everyday lives. We would like to share the questions and answers here on our blog. (Be assured, as needed, we’ll always confer with our Winged Ponies for their particular areas of expertise.) Please let us know if you have any questions that you would like to see answered here.

Simply email: deidre@actionridertack.com


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