Willow, Back on Track, and the Unplanned Product Test

Willow is my 25 years old horse and she came up very lame a week ago. “3-willow_bot_wlegged, could hardly hobble about” lame. Her left front fetlock was slightly swollen so I gave her the “Bute” and ice routine. We do not advocate being your own veterinarian. Professional medical care is the best choice. But I have been through this before.

One of the fun things about my job at Action Rider Tack is the product testing. It is vital that I know how a product performs before I can help a customer make their choice. This testing challenge was certainly not one that I planned, but I could hardly wait to try the Back on Track Leg Wraps on poor Willow.

This is what happened:
Sunday afternoon: Very 3 legged lame…Bute and Ice…no improvement.

Monday evening: According to directions the Back on Track Leg Wraps were to be applied for only a few hours for the first few days. Willow wore the wraps for 3 hours. No improvement.

Tuesday evening: No improvement. I felt so sorry for her that I decided she could really use some relief and applied the wraps with a polo bandage on top and left them on all night.

Wednesday morning: Removed the wraps and was thrilled to see that the swelling was gone and her legs had a healing warm feel to them. Both legs were wrapped as the sound leg would be experiencing great fatigue.

Thursday: Started leaving the wraps on for 16 hours overnight.

Friday: Noticed that she was actually walking more comfortably and getting around her turnout in a faster manner.

Saturday: She had been lying down in the night and was up and walking about in an almost normal manner.

Sunday: (1 week later) I would almost call this a miracle. Willow can walk normally and move about comfortably. I still wrap her every night and plan to for another week or so. Her legs are tight and clean looking.

I definitely stand behind the Back on Track Leg Wraps and will be bringing more product reviews to you.


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