Winter Riding and Keeping Your Legs Warm

Recently, on our Facebook page, a question was asked about riding in the windpro_bootwinter.

Christine: If you’re used to riding in jeans and want to give riding breeches a try, is there a way to use breeches in the winter to stay warm?


Angie: Depends on where you live Christine. If it’s not too cold, like under 30 degree’s, I’d wear the Irideon Wind Pro 3 Seasons but if it’s under 30, I’d go for the Kerrits Sit Tight and Warm. Tropical Riders Toasties are nice too, but not sold at ART ;)

BTW – Tropical Riders Toasties can be found and purchased at Also, the Kerrits Sit Tight N’ Warm is also available with a knee patch.

Candy: Hi Christine – Riding in winter can be hard because it is so cold but Irideon and Kerrit’s have solved that problem with some wonderful winter riding wear. Kerrit introduced the new RideOutSide pant and jacket this season and Irideon has the ever wonderful Windpro pant and jacket. This riding wear is both windproof and rainproof. Both Kerrits and Irideon also offer wonderful polarfleece pants that are cozy and comfortable. Here is the link for the riding pants to see these options:

While on the website, feel free to check out our other winter riding wear – sweaters, coats, etc.

Have fun. For me it is difficult to get out there but once up on my horse it’s heaven no matter the temperature.

Do you have any suggestions for gearing up to ride in the winter weather?


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