Peanuts in Shipping…a Breezy Problem!

Out in the shipping department at Action Rider Tack, we were thinking over shippingthe fun times we have had with shipping peanuts. Back in the early days we shipped from, shall we say, a breezy area. Peanut use was strictly forbidden.

But sometimes returns or products were shipped to us packed with the peanuts. It is amazing how fast those little buggers can float and scatter. They all had to be rounded up and sealed in a bag with knots and tape.

To be fair, some of the more modern peanuts are eco-friendly and made of compostable materials. But how to tell? We did find a temporary solution, but Stephanie hopes she doesn’t develop a disorder from biting peanuts to tell if they are biodegradable or not.

Sometimes we wonder if an exchange that comes to us packed in peanuts was just so that person could rid herself of them.

Thanks for sharing!

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