The Most Valuable Gift to Your Horse


It’s a brand New Year! It’s the perfect opportunity to make changes that will improve your riding and your horse’s behaviors and training.

We would like to say we have the answer by selling you a product. But you already possess what you need to improve yourself and your horse. It’s the most precious and valuable commodity. You guessed it – it’s your TIME.

As much as we hate to admit it, we all know you can’t buy your way into riding effectively. You have to put the time in the saddle. There are no shortcuts. There are helpful exercises that you can do from the ground, in the round pen and on a lunge line, and these do transfer over to gaining respect and teaching some movements and behaviors. But there is no substitute for saddle time. The old cowboys had it right. If you want to ride well, you need wet saddle pads.

This is not to discount the benefits from just being around your horse. Grooming your horse gives you time to observe, bond, check for scrapes, soreness, and just assess his mood on a particular day. Lunging or round pen work can check his attitude, energy level, soundness and willingness. And yet, you just don’t know what’s what until you get on and check the steering, brakes and gas pedal.

So for 2015, make a commitment to regular, consistent saddle time. Team up with a friend and ride together. Who knows how far it will take you? I do know – you’ll enjoy the ride.

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