March Action Rider of the Month – Imogen Lawlor

Imogen Lawlor shares a story about her new horse, an Irish Hunter named Hermes, while out on a trail ride in England.

Imogen Lawlor riding Hermes before he decided to give them both a bath.


“My new horse, Hermes, is a bit silly – it took him awhile to figure out the automatic water feeders in his stable. The dogs figured it out right away, it puts him to shame! And every time we go out for a ride he is always thirsty and I make sure we stop at every stream for a drink.”

While out on a trail ride, they came to a large pond where Hermes usually drinks.

“He was really thirsty, even more than usual, as we had just been for a long gallop. We were winding down so I thought nothing of letting him stroll into the pond a little further!

“Without warning he decides it’s bath time for both of us and drops down into the water with no warning! My first reaction was relief. I was worried his legs had sunk in the mud – but it was just his cheekiness!

“Needless to say it was a prompt ride home to warm up after that!”




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