May Action Rider of the Month – Carleen Neves

Carleen Neves out on trail on her Walkaloosa, Nakota.
Carleen Neves out on trail on her Walkaloosa, Nakota.

Carleen Neves is an avid trail rider who has covered many miles out on some of the most beautiful country in the northwest United States on her horse Nakota, a 15-hand Walkaloosa. Carleen is also a breeder of the Walkaloosa horse, a breed she finds perfect for trail for their size, the comfortable gait, surefootedness, and great temperament.

Carleen comments, “Nakota is 7/8 Appaloosa from Indian Shuffler bloodlines and 1/8 Tennessee Walker.  He does a foxtrot, stepping-pace, and a singlefoot. He is a total goofball of a horse with a super playful personality.  Loves to do tricks and steal my hat.”

“I fell in love with the Walkaloosa breed 30 years ago.  In over 50 years of riding horses, I love and trust my sturdy, thinking, smooth-riding Walkaloosas more than any other breed.  I ride and camp all year long with our horses and have about 60 rides in so far this year.  My longest ride last year was an 8 hour day of riding from Kelsay Valley Horse Camp near Diamond Lake, Oregon.  And yes, I did ride again the next several days we were there!  My motto is:  I will ride until I cannot walk.”

Carleen camping with her Walkaloosas.
Carleen camping with her Walkaloosas.

According to the Walkaloosa Association, The Walkaloosa was preserved through selective breeding by the Nez Perce Indians who valued their color and smooth gait. These horses became valued by ranchers, and called their gait the Indian Shuffle. The Walkaloosa Association was formed in 1983 to preserve the pedigree and history of the breed.

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