June Action Rider of the Month – Karen House

Karen House riding Justin Trouble, aka Justy.
Karen House riding Justin Trouble, aka Justy.

Karen House is a true modern-day cowgirl. She owns four horses that she has trained herself to be successful all around horses. She bought Justin Trouble; a 15.2 hand registered APHA Black/White Tobiano when he was two years old, as a new horse for her husband to ride. She worked with him herself so he would be a trust worthy horse to ride.

“Justy has a mild temperament and has been ridden in horse shows, costume classes, parades, western trail classes and he is a seasoned trail trial horse,” states Karen. “We also enjoy horse camping, clearing trails, and have participated in several natural horsemanship clinics.”

Karen saddles Justy up several times a week to keep him in shape, and most of the time they ride on her own 40 acres and nearby BLM lands in southern Oregon. She states, “You’ve got to ride your horses on a regular basis to maintain their soundness physically and mentally.”

Karen has logged over 1,000 hours of riding time in the three years of being in the local horse club’s Hours in the Saddle Program. She is also a member of the American Trail Horse Association and has logged over 700 miles in that program.

Karen adds, “So, I guess you can say we like trail riding most of all.”

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