July Action Rider of the Month – Kaidyn Griggs

Kaidyn riding Magical on the Klickitat Trek Endurance Ride in Washington. Photo credit: Casseera
Kaidyn Griggs riding Magical on the Klickitat Trek Endurance Ride in Washington.
Photo credit: Cassidy Rae Joyce cassidyraephotography.instaproofs.com

Kaidyn Griggs is the Action Rider for the month of July. It is so refreshing to see the next generation in the saddle, especially on an endurance ride. This little girl and her pony are burning up the trail and obviously enjoying every minute of it.

Kaidyn is seven years old and often rides with her grandmother, Debby Griggs. Debby comments, “My granddaughter rode two 25-mile rides in 2014, and we have ridden one 25-mile this year and another Saturday/Sunday ride with 25 miles each day!”

“Kaidyn is also a hunter rider and takes lessons and participates in horse shows,” Debby continues. “We laughed last year as she was drinking out of a tippy cup before cantering her pony around the arena. When she was three, she would sit in the corner of the arena wrapped in a horse blanket and just wait for me to finish riding so we could cool out my horse. She has always loved to ride.”

A bit on the shy side, Kaidyn’s trainer was once asked during her lesson, “How do you know she understands and is listening?”

He called out to her, “You listen and understand right?” She nodded her head yes, and he called out her next jump course. As she completed the course the onlooker smiled and said, “Yep, I think you two have a silent language and it works.”

The gray pony Kaidyn is riding is Magical. He is 11 hands tall and the Griggs have owned him for two years now. He is said to be fifteenish. Debbie adds, “He is a little beast, as is his rider!”

“Just last night Kaidyn said I had to ride with her,” Debbie continues. “I didn’t want to as it was so hot, but she said after I set her jumps….’Get on, Grandma.’  She is definitely my inspiration!”

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