January Action Rider of the Month – Lindy Berkowitz

Lindy Berkowitz and Rico riding on a ranch in Hunter, WA
Lindy Berkowitz and Rico riding on a ranch in Hunter, WA

At Action Rider Tack, we are introduced to many riders who have sent us great photos of their horses and experiences. So, we decided to publish these photos of riders in action to share their stores with you. Our first 2015 Action Rider of the Month is Lindy Berkowitz and her horses, Kona and Rico. Lindy is an avid trail rider who has spent many miles out on the trail.

Lindy comments, “I’ve been riding horses most of my life and have enjoyed many breeds and disciplines.  As I entered into my 60’s I left the show-ring behind and discovered the beauty, kind temperament and versatility of the Rocky Mountain horse. I bought Kona as a 3-year-old from Washington and we’ve been learning new things together ever since. He’s 6 1/2 now and has developed the most amazing 4 beat gait and silky smooth canter I’ve ever experienced. We’ve gone camping in the back country, spent time at a Ranch Camp, finished a 26-mile Endurance ride, participated in many Horsemanship Clinics, and ridden on tons of long-distance trail rides. He’s young and I’m young in spirit so together we plan to log many miles & adventures together for years to come. Happiness is riding down a great trail on the back of this lovely boy.

Lindy and her newest gelding, Rico
Lindy and her newest gelding, Rico

”I love this breed so much that I bought a second 6-year-old gelding this year called Rico. I’m hoping to coax my husband out on the trails with me – now that would be a great ride!”

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The Most Valuable Gift to Your Horse


It’s a brand New Year! It’s the perfect opportunity to make changes that will improve your riding and your horse’s behaviors and training.

We would like to say we have the answer by selling you a product. But you already possess what you need to improve yourself and your horse. It’s the most precious and valuable commodity. You guessed it – it’s your TIME.

As much as we hate to admit it, we all know you can’t buy your way into riding effectively. You have to put the time in the saddle. There are no shortcuts. There are helpful exercises that you can do from the ground, in the round pen and on a lunge line, and these do transfer over to gaining respect and teaching some movements and behaviors. But there is no substitute for saddle time. The old cowboys had it right. If you want to ride well, you need wet saddle pads.

This is not to discount the benefits from just being around your horse. Grooming your horse gives you time to observe, bond, check for scrapes, soreness, and just assess his mood on a particular day. Lunging or round pen work can check his attitude, energy level, soundness and willingness. And yet, you just don’t know what’s what until you get on and check the steering, brakes and gas pedal.

So for 2015, make a commitment to regular, consistent saddle time. Team up with a friend and ride together. Who knows how far it will take you? I do know – you’ll enjoy the ride.