Horse Girth Size and Style

There are many girths and cinches on the market today in all kinds of styles 56and materials. The comfort of our horse, ease of use and cleaning, and longevity are important considerations in picking a girth or cinch.

Another important consideration is length. Saddle stability can be affected by girth length. A girth that is too long does not help the saddle stay in place as well as one that is below the lateral line of the horse.

In other words, if your girth comes too close to the pad or saddle, it may be too long. Billet length plays a determining role in girth length of course. If your billets are long, your girth buckles should be about 1.5” to 2” above the elbow of your horse. This is especially true of Freeform and Barefoot treeless saddles.

A girth gall is a dreaded event. I have found that the Woolback girths and cinches by Toklat and carried by Action Rider Tack have worked very well for miles of trail and endurance riding. The buckles are well protected by the Woolback, the elastic at both ends lets the girth expand when it needs too. Montana Cincha also makes girths and cinches that are gentle for the sensitive skin of the belly/underchest area. They can also help prevent slipping by interlocking with the hair.

If you have questions about girth sizing, we can help. A picture of your horse in saddle and girth is a good analysis tool. You may send it to

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