February Action Rider of the Month – Patty Surowski

Patty Surowski knows the entire life history of her mare, Finnagan. It is interesting to see the “before” photo of Finnagan when she was a filly, and the “after” photo of Finnagan as a mature riding horse.

Finnagan as a young adorable filly.
Finnagan as a young adorable filly.

“The first picture is of my horse, Finnagan, as a baby,” explains Patty. “I didn’t own her then, my friend Mary McGinty, an endurance rider, did. My friend, Julie, also an endurance rider, named my little girl and provided me with the photo. I bought Finnagan in September of 2013 as a three-year-old from Mary. She’s now four and a half and looks very grown up.”


“Finnagan went to boarding school this past fall to learn how to carry herself, yield to the bit and obey the aids at Madrone Hill Ranch with Sonja Biada, a dressage trainer and rider. The other picture is of us in a lesson/training session from October 2014.”

Patty Surowski riding Finnagan.
Patty Surowski riding Finnagan, moving nicely forward and stretching to the bridle.

“Finnagan has turned out to be a lovely young lady. She returned from boarding school at the end of November. We have been working on trail riding and long slow distance rides in preparation for our 2016 endurance season. She has been a very brave girl on trail and a pleasure to ride. I bought my first treeless saddle years ago and have put 1000’s of miles on it. It is my go-to saddle and fits every horse I ride. I love treeless!”

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